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A friendly smile, a warm welcome, and a helping hand are all key ingredients of our services for Healthcare Facilities. Our clean-cut, sharp looking uniformed attendants, attractive equipment kiosks, informational signs, and marketing outreach programs are all designed to enhance the image of your facility and raise your overall patient satisfaction scores More than parking cars…

Parking cars is a very small part of what we do. Our Valets, Parking Attendants, Shuttles, Greeters and Concierge Staff all combine to create a welcoming environment for your patients and visitors. Our staff becomes integral to the Patient-Centered Care commitment at your hospital by creating a safe and welcoming environment during the arrival and departure process. Wheelchair assistance, helping elderly patients, providing directions, opening doors and greeting everyone that enters the property are all part of what we do when you hire us.

Hospitals Services we offer:

  • Valet Services
  • Parking Directors & Attendants
  • Parking Management
  • Doorman Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Shuttle & Transportation Services

Our Hospital and Healthcare Partners