Martinez, California


Based in Martinez California, The Contra Costa Medical
Center is a 211 bed hospital serving over 360,000 patients
annually throughout the East Bay. Although the hospital
opened a new state of the art facility in 1998, the decades
old parking facilities have been inadequate to accomm
date its ever expanding patient and visitor population.
Hospital leadership received almost daily complaints
about the parking issues and cited the parking challenges
as one of the top issues facing the facility


Signature Parking was consulted and after initial fact
finding and needs analysis with hospital leadership, our
team developed a detailed action plan for the property
recommending multiple services and solutions to
address the parking shortages and enhance convenience
and service levels for patients and visitors. Signature
assembled a team of valets, lot attendants and managers
who staffed multiple patient/visitor valet stations at key
hospital entrances. Additionally, Signature developed a
new tandem parking system for employees of the hospital
to help generate 30% more parking spaces in several
overcrowded employee lots. To support the new program,
a communication plan was developed in collaboration
with Hospital leadership to help promote employee
buy-in, ensure high adoption rates and provide clear
information about the program for all users.


The new convenient valet service made an immediate impact on
patient/visitor satisfaction levels while also solving a critical parking
shortage. Patients and visitors no longer complained about parking
and instead, begun raving about the new parking convenience.
“The parking experience went from being a huge hassle and pain
point for patients and visitors to being a valuable convenience which
supported the hospital’s patient centered care mission” Jeremy
Muldoon, Regional Manager for Signature Parking.

“Signature has been a great partner in service for our Hospital. Their leadership team and the entire front
line staff have been extremely focused onproviding our patients and visitors with a warm, friendly
welcome and aconvenient parking experience. We have a fairly complex parking situation and their
extensive experience in addressing our issues has been a real asset to the hospital. Signature Parking
has been a great company to work with and we’re very pleased with the partnership”