Signature Parking provides a range of solutions which are custom tailored for a variety of industries including Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Retail Centers, Entertainment Venues, Commercial Buildings, and Special Events. Click below to learn more about our services or click here to request a quote for your next event Learn more about the services we provide for these industries.


Hotel Parking Management

We’ve developed a proprietary training system which incorporates the standards and concepts developed by the Leading Hotels of the World, along with our own years of experience working with our Hotel Clients. This solid approach delivers front line employees who are ready to meet even the highest service expectation of the finest hotel establishments in the world. In addition to ready-to-go font line employees, we provide thoughtful solutions, and extra amenities which combine to create a welcoming environment which also helps you maximize your return on investment.
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Hospital Parking Services

Our Healthcare Hospitality solutions are specifically tailored to meet these rising challenges and demands at your facility. A friendly smile, a warm welcome, and a helping hand are all key ingredients of our services for Healthcare Facilities. Our clean cut, sharp looking uniformed attendants, attractive equipment kiosks, informational signs, and marketing outreach programs are all designed to enhance the image of your facility and raise your overall patient satisfaction scores.
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Restaurant Parking Services

Guests may often cite parking difficulty as a primary reason for choosing one restaurant over another. In today’s marketplace, having valet parking available for your customers can give your Restaurant a huge competitive advantage. Signature Parking plays a vital role in this process by creating a memorable first and last impression for every guest that comes to your restaurant. We’ve come to define this guest interaction as “The Signature Treatment”, which our employees deliver to guests thousands of times each day, at restaurant properties throughout California.
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Retail Parking Solutions

More than ever, shopping consumers are choosing to spend their money at locations that are easily accessible and more hassle-free. A recent survey indicates that consumers identify “Ease of Parking” as one key factor in choosing to shop at one location versus another.Having Valet Service at Shopping Centers and Retail outlets provides an elegant and upscale feel which will attract more affluent consumers. Being able to drop-off purchases and bags at the valet station for delivery to their car also encourages longer shopping trips.
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Special Event Parking

Signature Parking is the expert at setting just the right tone for your event, whether it be 10 or 10,000 guests, casual or formal – No event is too big or too small for us to handle. We consistently deliver superior service, with professional, sharp and courteous valets for all types of events.
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Monthly Parking

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